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Home Inspection


Home Inspection Tips

Why you need a home inspection:

Every year, thousands of homes are bought and sold. Many of these homes are in excellent condition, but occasionally, problems exist. The seller may not be aware of existing or potential problems and the buyer may not be able to identify them either. A home inspection service will provide a professional, unbiased, comprehensive evaluation by certified inspectors.

What does a home inspection include?

The inspector typically spends 3 to 4 hours performing a thorough, visual, functional and operational inspection of the many mechanical and structural components of the home. The inspection includes an evaluation of elements such as: roof, foundation, central heat & cooling, interior electric, interior plumbing, framing, siding, built-in appliances, etc. Additional services include inspection of items such as: pools, private water systems, water portability, private sewage systems, termite (by licensed pest control company), dock/seawall, lawn sprinkler, radon, etc.
A timely detailed written report, in language you can understand is furnished usually within 24 hours.

Who should attend an inspection?

All interested parties are encouraged to attend an inspection whenever possible. This way the extent of any problems will be understood and thus it aids in prompt solutions.

Does a good report “guarantee” there are no problems?

No. The inspection report is not a warranty. It is a professional opinion made by a “certified inspector”, and inspections are performed to “ASHI” standards (National Institute of Building Inspectors). An estimated cost to cure may be included in the report.

Choosing a home inspection company.

We recommend that inspectors be certified by the National Institute of Building Inspectors. Ask your inspection company for references. The company should be licensed, insured (including Error & Omission Insurance), certified annually, and have no conflict of interest. Please check out membership database for members that can assist you.


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