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Job Hunting Tips

Helpful Hints on Looking for a Job

Employment Agencies

Agencies can be a real boon to Daytona Beach / Halifax Area newcomers if used properly. You can save time and footwork by tapping into agencies to see if there are listed openings that fit your background. 
Click here  to pull up a list of active chamber members that provide these services.

The Daytona Beach / Halifax area is a vibrant, growing region and companies are constantly needing new employees to fuel our area''s economic growth.

Employers know that word of mouth is the quickest, most economical way to find candidates. So as openings occur, the first hiring attempts are made through inquiries to friends and present employees. Word spreads that there is an opening available. As a new arrival your first energies should go towards tapping into this source of networking information.

Before you move, start listing possible contacts in the Daytona Beach / Halifax area. Do research in your particular industry to see who has operations here. If you belong to a professional society, get the name and number of the Daytona Beach Chapter. Check if there is a branch of your college alumni association here. Be inventive about gathering names to call on for information.

Once you arrive, use all possible on-site contacts for referrals. Share your resume'' with your REALTOR or other service providers, such as your new insurance broker. The more people that know about your background, the better your chances of hearing about possible openings.

The Chamber, Daytona Beach / Halifax Area boasts the area''s biggest networking event - Business After Hours. Hundreds of people attend these business card exchange events- held bi-monthly throughout the area. Call the Chamber at (386) 255-0981 for details on the next Business After Hours.

Classified Ads

Read the classified section of the Daytona Beach News-Journal or the Orlando Sentinel. Employers don''t go to the expense of publishing an ad unless they are serious about needing a candidate. To make your response stand out from the others, tailor your response directly to the requirements given in the ad. Show in your cover letter why you fill their needs. This will help you get through the pre-screening part of the selection process.

Direct Approach

Use the standard reference listings to find companies here that might use someone with your background. Lists of major corporations and major employers are available through The Chamber.

A complete listing of Chamber members on-line is included on our web site. Management level candidates should approach directly, the head of the company or department you are interested in. Others should contact the company''s employment office to inquire if applications are being accepted.

Additional Information

Don''t forget churches and social and civic organization. They offer friendship, contacts and information..

Company Relocations

If your arrival in the Daytona Beach / Halifax Area is part of a dual career relocation, check if your spouse''s company will sponsor relocation assistance for you. With the rise in two-income families and resulting economic and personal loss that one partner faces because of a spouse transfer, formal spouse assistance is becoming an accepted part of the relocation process. It''s a great help to have a personal career counselor to guide the way through unfamiliar territory. At the very least, use your spouse''s company as a networking opportunity. Its Personnel Department or Human Resources Department should have contacts with other employers here, and should be willing to see that your are provided with introductions.

The quickest way to become acclimated to our area is to find a job that satisfies you. Relocating to a new community involves many changes and creates many stresses. Building your new support system of friends and colleagues is quickly accomplished through re-employment. A positive attitude and a well prepared plan for getting your new position will be an invaluable tool in reaching that goal.

The Daytona Beach / Halifax Area is waiting here for you. Welcome! 

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