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Tips on Moving

Tips on Moving
  • Decide what to move and what not to move. (Hold a garage sale- save on moving costs.)
  • Plan your travel itinerary and make any motel reservations that are necessary.
  • Leave a copy with a friend.
  • Prepare a numbered list of your boxed good. (Example:1-20 for the kitchen; 21-26 for the den, etc.)
  • Notify Post Office-Fill out change of address cards with a forwarding address.
  • Mail change of address cards to subscribers.
  • Notify banks-Transfer funds, including checking account.
  • Arrange any refunds on deposits.
  • Inform service companies (water, gas, electricity, fuel, telephone, cable television, newspaper, etc)
  • Health information- Ask doctors and dentists for referrals.
  • Arrange to transfer medical records, prescriptions, birth records.
  • Notify school office and arrange transfer records.
  • Transfer memberships to church, civic organizations.
  • Ask for letters of introduction.
  • Notify Dept. of Motor Vehicles of new address for driver’s license
    (if you are moving within the same state.)
  • Obtain your pet’s medical records from the veterinarian.
  • Find out about transferring licenses and records.
  • Empty and defrost freezer and plan to use up any foods.

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